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romeo gigli circa 1989 1990 black off shoulder top dress

romeo gigli circa 1989 1990 black off shoulder top dress

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rather than literal references, romeo gigli instead worked to "recreate the emotion produced by a work of art." gigli blended together a pre-raphaelite pathos with indian, turkish, persian elements found during his travels.

he was fascinated by the roman and byzantine and as a child, his parents had led him to see pompeii and the design of a villa remained imprinted on his conscience. "his essential lines had communicated a serenity and a deep inner elegance for so many centuries", he loved to say, and he wanted to put "the same lasting purity" in the lines of his clothes. 

available is a romeo gigli circa 1989 / 1990 black cotton off shoulder top/dress. there is an exaggerated amount of fabric that wraps around the shoulders, that can be arranged for effect, and the top hangs from a single asymmetric shoulder strap, exposing the shoulders and making this volumious top somehow still very chic and feminine. the top has that pre-raphaelite feel but is also incredibly modern, which gigli does so well.

tag it 40 (US 4), fits like a small, in excellent condition


shoulders: 44" circumference at the top of the draped shoulder

bust: 44"

waist: 50"

length: 27"


*model is around 5'8" 32" 25" 35"

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