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roberto cavalli circa 2000 floral silk bias cut high slit dress

roberto cavalli circa 2000 floral silk bias cut high slit dress

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roberto cavalli circa 2000 silk floral bias cut floor length dress. the high slit with ruffle trim that goes from the thigh and wraps around to the bottom of the dress is what really makes this dress stand out-- it is the same silhouette / cut as cavalli's tiger print dresses from his fall winter 2000 runway show. whereas those dresses are a bit bolder for an edgier look, this floral version is softer for a different kind of look. the length of the dress seems purposely designed to be a bit longer, to slightly graze or pool on the ground while standing. the dress is also amazing while walking--- the very lightweight silk allows the dress to fly behind you as you walk, shown on the model here. 

added here are the fw 2000 runway version of the dress with the same silhouette, as well as that same dress on aaliyah at the VMAs.

another version of this dress elsewhere on the internet: fw 2000

tag size it 44 but looks great on the model who wears a smaller dress size— the dress hangs nicely a few sizes up on the model. this dress may have been designed to pool on / graze the floor because of its extra long length. in excellent condition, with no major flaws to note.  


(bias cut and expands for fit)

bust: 34” to 36"

empire waist (just below bust): 32” to 36" 

waist: 33” to 40“

hips: open (high slit), 40” to 44” to seams before ruffle 

length:  76" from the tops of the straps to longest point on the skirt


*model is around 5'8" 32" 25" 35"

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