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1920s egyptian revival gold assuit cape jacket

1920s egyptian revival gold assuit cape jacket

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1920s egyptian revival assuit cape jacket. egyptian revival assuit is an ancient craft that involves combining cotton or linen mesh with small alloy strips by hand. the alloy was applied to decorate egyptian bridal wear and became popular in the west during the 19th century egyptian revival period. the look of assuit is luxurious and sultry, due to the sheerness of the textile, the opulence of the metal and the beautiful drape from the weight of the fabric. this cape is the perfect chic piece to easily add over the right slinky dress or skirt. shown is also kate moss who is a fan of assuit pieces.

one size, excellent condition. some minor unevenness of color on the cotton mesh


width: 42”

length: 30”



*model is around 5'9", 30" 24" 34"

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